Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Friendly tentacles

Ah, the fresh, clean smell of a brand-new blog. Alas, it doesn't last long with me always mucking up the internet. Might as well start with some introduction. I'm Ily, though most of my friends call me Mumbles (if you're familiar with the game Team Fortress 2, this'll make sense (and if not, we'll say it's because of my usual butchering of the art of speech. I'm rather famous for my spoonerisms. Chables and tairs!)).

 I'm a 22-year-old poor-as-dirt freelance artist living in downtown West Seattle, my craft ranging between drawing, knitting, crochet, costuming, prop-building, sewing, and more that I don't even want to bother thinking of now. Simply put, I make crap, and mostly knit. I like to call myself a yarnomancer. I'm a newbie to Etsy as well, which is mostly why this blog exists - thought it would be pretty awesome to keep a log of my adventures in ~making a living as an artist~, a tale that I think lies somewhere between the genres of fantasy and science fiction.

I live with an awesome dude named Lai that I also happen to be horrifically in love with. We do a lot of tag-team art, and a lot of the things I make come from talking with him. Speaking of making things, here's the newest beastie that I've been working on:

It still needs the mantle fins and the two longer tentacles, but I'm rather in love with how it's coming along. <3

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